Forth-based single-board computers and microcontrollers

  • ARM
  • PIC
    • CATkit is an open hardware project. The kit consists of a printed circuit board plus components, to be used as a standalone interactive Forth computer - Microchip PIC18LF1320.
    • New Micros, Inc. has SBC with Forth based 68332, 68HC11, etc. The home of the IsoPod, with a native Forth language called IsoMax.
    • JPB Forth 68000/030 based SBC with Forth, Forth FPGA core
    • 80C535 based SBC named the ATSboard with (8052-compatible) ANS-Forth.
    • Boards for 8051 and AVR-chips Using ByteForth or any other compiler.
    • TechnoForth ?
    • FIGnition is an AVR-based educational DIY computer which works like an 8-bit home Micro: outputting to composite video and ready to be interactively programmed from the moment you switch it on. It has 8Kb of RAM; 384Kb of storage; an 8-key keypad and runs a JupiterAce influenced variant of FigForth. It uses USB for power; firmware upgrades and program downloads.

80's Forth computers

  • Jupiter Ace Z80A based single board machine with Forth in ROM.
  • Hector HRX Z80 based board machine with Forth in ROM.